Running a family business for 30 years, we’ve certainly seen it all. And that’s great news for customers! It means we understand the things that’ll make a difference for you.

Whether it’s professional guidance through the design process, careful planning on how to make your budget stretch further or looking after your installation long after completion – our service is geared to offering you an exceptional experience.


When designing a new bathroom, achieving that polished timeless look is vital – but getting it right first time is the challenge. From negotiating design options, installation decisions and budgetary factors, you can easily become overwhelmed. So it’s important you choose an experienced bathroom designer who can make your life easier by guiding you carefully through the many choices you’ll face.

At Sykes, we anticipate the issues, solve the problems you may not be aware of and continue offering support long after installing your bathroom. With this same approach, over 30 years, we’ve helped countless customers, architects, developers, and installers quickly achieve exceptional results without complexity.